All boards + JEE/NEET lectures.

Tutoring is an integral part of the learning experience for students of all ages. Here, at Ahuja Career Institute we provide a qualitly education. Ahuja Career Institute provides the facility of imparting the education of recognised boards i.e. NCERT/GSEB/ICSE/CBSE as well as comprehensive Joint Enterance Exam(JEE)/National Eligibilty cum Enterance Test(NEET) preparation courses. Our aim is to provide students with knowldege and skills they need to excel academically to pursue thier dreams of successful career.

Teaching methods

Our teaching methods are designed to be interactive and personalized so that a student can learn in the best way. In addition to traditional lectures, our experienced faculty members are available to provide one-on-one guidance in addition to doubt solving. We believe that education is more important than learning facts and figures. It's about developing critical thinking skills, problem-solving ablities, therefore we look forward to supporting you on your journey.

Practice Method

At our institution, we believe that regular assesment is the key to achieving academic success. That's why we have implemented a mini-test methods that allow you to track your progress. Our mini-tests are designed to be short and focused, covering specific topics or concepts that you have recently learned in lecture. Mini-tests are conducted on regular based schedule that helps a student to reminze the lectures and helps them to perform academically well in the major assesments.


One of the most important steps in educational process is revision. It is the process of reviewing and consolidating your knowledge of the material you have learned over the duration of your course. At our institute we believe that revision is the crucial part of the learning process, and we thus encourage students to engage in regular revision to help them achieve thier academic milestones. Revision helps to strenghten your understanding key concepts and consolidating your knowledge.

Study Materials

We are proud to offer personalized study materials that are specially tailored to individual nedds and learning styles. Our team of experienced tutors and subjects experts work closely to each other to design personalized study material that helps student to excel in subjects. Our personalized study materials includes modules, chapter based notes, daily practice papers and JEE/NEET/GUJCET worksheets.

Exam and Result Patterns

Our exams are designed to test your ability to recall and apply key concepts, theories and facts. These exams are often multiple choice(MCQs) or main answer formats that includes weekly and monthly tests which are classified as minor and major tests, and are timed to ensure that you are able to complete the exam within allotted time. Exam results are provided after quick and thorough assessment and are given within 3 days.